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SSD – I/0 40 times faster, Full advantage of cutting-edge technology at a fraction of cost, advanced storage features without the upfront investment of purchasing dedicated storage hardware. Access of media and office documents from anywhere in the world. Invite others to view, download and collaborate on all the files you want without the hassle of email attachment.

Full SSD Storage - With RAID 10 Configurations

Whether you need extra storage for your media and office documents with access from anywhere in the world or you just want back up and mirroring facilities, we provide storage solutions for everyone.

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    Aside from the cost differences, Cloud storage provides remote access to your data, increased security and control over data compared to individually controlled PCs, and protection from hard drive failure, which damages 140,000 machines per week. Cloud storage can also scale with your company’s needs. Begin by only paying for the capacity you require, then add storage as your company grows.