Dhirnarayan Marg, Behind Hiti Pokhari Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Virtual Private Servers

We have made it very easy for customers to avail of our high-performance Virtual Private Servers. We provide flexible and scalable VPS service through our robust cloud infrastructure designed and implemented by PCCW Global. Customers can get admin access and install their own applications for both Windows and Linux operating systems, or we can do the same for you as required.

Option 1
Nrs. 2,500 per month
Processor - 1 core
Memory - 2GB
Storage - 20GB
Transfer per Month - 200GB
Option 2
Nrs. 4,500 per month
Processor - 2 core
Memory - 4GB
Storage - 40GB
Transfer per Month - 400GB
Option 3
Nrs. 6,000 per month
Processor - 3 core
Memory - 6GB
Storage - 60GB
Transfer per Month - 600GB

**DR and Snapshot will bear additional costs.

**Prices are Exclusive of VAT